Budget set to target high income earners by 2019

Budget set to target high income earners by 2019

Finance minister says Government aims to raise Australia’s income cap by around 50 per cent from 2017/18

Tax cuts to help fund public infrastructure projects

National Broadband Network rollout to start in 2019

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten says Labor will work closely with the Opposition on infrastructure spending


더킹카지노The Coalition is committed to a budget that delivers $80 billion in tax cuts and measures that further enhance its position in the coming years and give the Government a fiscal surplus, Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey says.

Mr Hockey also says there are more steps to take to increase productivity and redu우리카지노ce the country’s national debt.

Key points: Treasurer calls for a budget surplus by 2019

Opposition says Mr Hockey wants to reduce deficit “by 50%”

Opposition wants more spending on infrastructure

Mr Hockey says he does not want a surplus for the third consecutive budget

“I don’t want a surplus for the third consecutive budget. I don’t want a surplus for the third consecutive budget,” he said.

“I’m not there yet.

“This budget will have our fingerprints all over it, but I think we need to be on a stronger footing to ensure the Australian people have a surplus.”

Labor wants more spending on infrastructure

After months of delays and disagreements with the Coalition, the Government has finally agreed to a more detailed analysis of whether infrastructure investment would be sufficient to make up for the national debt.

The new spending package will cover all aspects of infrastructure that Mr Hockey promised in the 2015 election, including:

a $25 billion public transport program

a $10 billion nation바카라사이트al broadband network

expanded rail service to ensure every Australian has access to high speed broadband

more public education programs

a proposed $12 billion boost in childcare programs

But the agreement did not include $15 billion or the so-called “bail-in” measures, or measures that would have given the Government new financial powers over companies and states.

Mr Hockey said the Government was making “huge progress” on the plan to tackle the debt, but it had still not delivered on Mr Hockey’s promise to “end the age of entitlement”.

The plan is the focus of an inquiry the Senate will hold into budget and government reform, scheduled to start on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister and the treasurer were not in Canberra to launch the budget, but Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was expected to speak at a privat