Cfa defends foreign firefighters high pay package

Cfa defends foreign firefighters high pay package

The Foreign Fire Fighters Association (FFGA) claims that,카지노 사이트 in terms of foreign firefighter wages, the pay is substantially higher than the UK’s pay structure. According to the FSA’s sa예스카지노lary database, the highest paid foreign firefighter is a 24-year-old from Iran – Rs 1.15 lakh per month.

A 16-year-old American is said to be the highest paid foreign firefighter in the UK but their pay is just Rs 1.08 lakh per month. The pay is higher than that of a 16-year-old Indian and 27-year-old Korean – Rs 8,800 and Rs 13,800 respectively, per month.

The FFFA is fighting a similar argument to the UK government, who said on Monday that foreign employees from Nepal have been give바카라사이트n a minimum of 10 weeks of sick leave per year under their contracts.

In India, foreign firefighters face similar challenges for salaries. In September 2013, the Indian government said that foreign firefighters in India could not receive a basic pension. India’s foreign firefighter recruitment guidelines stipulated that foreign domestic employees had to be 25 years of age and male employees must be at least 15 years of age.

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