Report clears vic police of database misuse of information of people caught up in drugs raids

Report clears vic police of database misuse of information of people caught up in drugs raids


An independent forensic consultant has found “strong indications” Vic police breached privacy laws when they improperly accessed the phone records of hundreds of people caught up in narcotics raids.

Key points: Independent forensic consultant says police 더킹카지노wrongly accessed phone records of hundreds of people caught up in drug raids

Investigating agency will seek $40 million damages from Victorian Police

Victorian Premier Mike Baird says privacy breaches “cannot go on”

In October 2015 the Victorian Police Integrity Commission (VPIC) found Vic police had accessed phone records of nearly 3,000 people caught up in drug raids.

An interim report into the data breach last year recommended the Vic Police introduce a 우리카지노stronger oversight and data protection regime to prevent similar mistakes in the future.

Mr Baird yesterday said the police did not need to adopt that regime.

“What we’re saying is we want to be even more stringent about data protection… and I believe that’s a clear part of what will happen to me on Thursday,” he said.

The interim report from the PIC concluded the data breach had led to the breach of the privacy of about 300 people.

It said this data breach was likely to have compromised the integrity of hundreds of people.

“The PIC report revealed that police departments had made mistakes when they created these databases,” Mr Baird said.

“The Vic Police acknowledged it has been making such mistakes and we’re working with them to remedy those deficiencies.

“The interim report also revealed that Vic Police had violated the privacy of individuals who were being used as informants in the drug investigations of many police agencies.

“In many cases this was not a breach of the police protection order or the Privacy Act.

“I believe that it is a breach of the Commonwealth’s criminal laws and I would urge the Government to take action at the federal level to make sure the police and the intelligence and security agencies are held to the highest standards when they get involved with individuals in the criminal justice system.”

Mr Baird said the Liberal National Party would continue to push for the Victorian Government to improve its criminal justice system.

“The Prime Minister wants the Victorian Government to do more and this Government has announced we are taking an immediate step to improve the criminal justice system for our country,” Mr Baird said.

“We will continue to work to improve the criminal justice system in the st바카라사이트ate of Victoria and around the country to improve confidence in th