Army piles pressure on militants in north lebanon

Army piles pressure on militants in north lebanon

Militants have seized control of a strategic border crossing north of the southern city of Leipzig, Germany’s state broadcaster, ARD, said on Wednesday.

The border crossing between the two countries is used for smuggling goo바카라ds, such as food and medicine,바카라사이트 to Turkey.

German interior minister Thomas de Maiziere said that two groups of militants stormed a police station in the city and seized the office. They had previously arrested several German citizens on the same charges, he said. The three were later freed after authorities raided the cellphones and computers of one of the suspects.

Three people have been arrested since Wednesday and a fourth man was said to have been wounded and taken to a nearby hospital.

Militants took over the police station’s offices this week, but were subsequently cleared of any involvement in the plot. The police have not named the suspected group, but have said the plan was for two men to enter Germany via the border바카라사이트 crossing on two different occasions.