Federal mp assures residents about waste dump proposal in centram district

Federal mp assures residents about waste dump proposal in centram district

By: Ben DeBurg and Mike Riggs | Staff Reporter

Updated at 3:11 p.m.

RICHMOND – A Richmond man told The News he’s been denied from his home on Centennial Street because his neighborhood council wants to build a waste dump and a road in his area.

“We’ve asked the city to do everything in our power to provide us with a good quality of life,” Robert Wilson said Wednesday night.

Wilson is also concerned about the $10,0우리카지노00 cost of the project.

“It’s the best we can do for them with the best we can get our hands on. It’s pretty expensive,” said Wilson, who lives on the 2800 block of Centennial near Centennial College.

In an interview with The News on Wednesday, Councilwoman Mary Cheung said the council wants to buy land in the neighborhood and build the facility on the hill along the creek bank. She said $1.7 million in city money is needed to accomplish the project.

“It would give us an enormous amount of value and would put us right on top of the creek bank and would be really awesome for our district,” she said.

Wilson disagrees with the claim.

“People need a place to go where they have somewhere to stop and look after their animals and have something to eat in a fresh, clean environment. I think that’s where our city should be focusing,” Wilson said.

A city official would not comment on Wilson’s concerns.

But city officials say the area on Centennial Street is considered the most blighted part of the city. At that property, the City Council will vote on the request Wednesday.

The council is trying to protect the integrity of the property, Councilman David Chiu told The News. He said the project should be vetted by the city before councilmembers can approve it.

But Wilson said the $10,000 he’ll face will be his best chance to avoid the project. Wilson lives in the same neighborhood, so the waste facility should just be in the next block over, he said.

“It더킹카지노 would be much more damaging. We already have a landfill on the hill behind us.”

City crews will demolish the dump. But councilmember Mary Cheung told The News it’s an option the city could consider.

Councilman Dan바카라iel Flynn said the city should have been transparent earlier about the issue. He said Councilma