Man drowns at warrnambool beach and the beach goes underwater

Man drowns at wa모나코 카지노rrnambool beach and the beach goes underwater. The person who is caught in the wave takes it and the person who is trying to help them gets trapped in the current.”

‘A little bit of luck here and there’

The incident happened along a beach near Lincolnton Road at 10.45pm on Monday, but the man who died was not the person who jumped into the water to save him, police said.

The death happened when a man jumped into the water after seeing the person who was drowning being assisted by another person, they said.

media_camera A man who drowned after being rescued from a wave at a Lincolnton beach. Picture: Supplied

At the scene, a few hour카지노게임s after the death, the owner of Lincolnton Beach Community Services said police were trying to get a better understanding of why it happened.

“We’d like to see how the person was able to jump into the water and that’s what led to his death,” Community Services director, Wayne Stiles, said.

The body of the man who was taken into the ocean was washed ashore.

“The body was washed out onto the shore of a local creek and he (the person) jumped in the water to assist another person who was attempting to help,” he said.

“The 로투스 바카라 대여body of that other person died during the process of the rescue. His remains were recovered later.

media_camera The body of a man who drowned after being rescued from a wave at Lincolnton Beach, near Lincolnton Road, was later recovered. Picture: NSW Police

Originally published as Wave-attributed death